09 giugno 2005

Firefox extension : Greeklish converter

I have developed an extension for Mozilla Firefox for all the Greek-speaking people that hates using the greeklish (what's that ? see here for details). It's a simple toolbar that automatically 'translates' the entered characters in greek (following a certain scheme of cource). The name of the extension is grktext and you can find it here. It's licensed under GPL and you can modify it to meet your needs (some other language translation perhaps). It's in an early state but it is ok for now. I will upgrade it when i will find a little time for it. For any suggestions go ahead and add a comment here.

2 commenti:

Neophyte ha detto...

hey man, great idea! i wont to start creating extensions as well unfortunatly i am completly new to that kind of programing so i dont even know where to start! i was looking forward if you can send me the source code of the greekish converter and just write me simple instructions like what compiler should i use and how to integrate it as an extension!


poor_misguided_fool ha detto...

Βλέπω έχεις κλέισει το blog , αλλά είπα να πω ένα ευχαριστώ για το Greeklish Converter ..Μεγάλη ευκολία..Thanks again!!