22 dicembre 2005

Extension updated for Firefox 1.5

I have updated my firefox extension again (now it's 0.4). I had to change the name of the extension (it is now "Greek textbox 0.4") because the UID was not compatible with the new version of Firefox. At least, the automatic search for the updates using Firefox 1.5 works now !

The extension (updated) is here

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edcollins0588 ha detto...
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earlpiggot ha detto...

Θα το δοκιμάσω άμεσα. Κάτι που θα ήταν, επίσης, χρήσιμο είναι ένα extension που να μετατρέπει σε λατινικά τις διευθύνσεις που πληκτρολογούνται κατά λάθος στα ελληνικά στην urlbar· κάτι που συμβαίνει συχνά όταν πρώτη διάταξη πληκτρολογίου στα windows είναι ορισμένη η ελληνική.

Στην περίπτωση αυτή, η αντιστοιχία ελληνικών - αγγλικών γραμμάτων είναι αυτή των πλήκτρων, ενώ όταν ο χρήστης διαπιστώνει τη λάθος πληκτρολόγηση, κάποιο διαθέσιμο πλήκτρο στο toolbar θα μπορούσε να χρησιμοποιείται για τη μετατροπή.

George ha detto...


I install the extension but i am having a hard time using it. If i type greek there does it automatically transalte? It does not seem to do anything when i press "enter"



Fotis ha detto...

for George : The extension doesn't translate. It only converts the latin-typed letters in greek ones using a predefined disposition. There's no need to type [enter] because it makes the changing while the user is typing.

Kai Bolay ha detto...


I've just released my first extension "ZombieKeys" (See:

This extension allows entering European languages (which include
diacritics (accented characters, diaeresis, umlauts, etc.), ligatures,
the Euro sign, etc.) into Mozilla applications using Microsoft's
Keyboard shortcuts for international characters (see
It addresses Mozilla Bug #270439
(https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=270439 - WinWord/TextPad
dead keys are not supported).

I'm seeking people for a code review. Specific areas I'd like to have
comments on:

- chrome.manifest - am I overlaying the correct chrome? Did I miss
something? Do I need to overlay more? Current problems: I can't enter
"special" characters into the Firefox search box (or location box),
the "Subject" in Thunderbird's "Compose Message" also seems to be
- overlay.js - fakeKey() - Is this code correct?
- overall comments on the code and suggestions for improvement


nmouts@yahoo.com ha detto...

μπορεις να φτιαξεις και 1 ακομα που να κανει σε επιλεγμενο κειμενο την αντιθετη δουλεια?